TSRCT make games, build systems, and solve problems. Most importantly, we play - because that is where the future is made.





Create experiences that let user see, do and be the impossible.



Put the user inside your message, with cross platform VR and 360 content.


Training and simulation

Increase retention and reduce costs by simulating training environments.


Creating a new generation of interface and interaction

Created SDK, interaction system and sandbox environment for Contact CI Haptic Feedback glove - Maestro. Developed pick up and gesture recognition system, gesture, touch and gaze based interaction system, and example scenes to demonstrate capabilities.


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Finding the fun in something new

Series of arcade experiences designed for the Maestro Haptic Feedback Glove. Demos include a scrolling garbage collection simulator, demonstrating grab functionality, and a rocket cockpit, where user interacts with objects, buttons, and levers.


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Using immersive experience to improve learning

A spec experience designed for Epworth Hospital, to show the capabilities of Virtual Reality for embedding learning and retention. Presents user with a series of issues to resolve in a hosptial room, and guides user through completion.


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Developing cinematic experiences to inhabit

Virtual Reality noir game, telling the story of a robot detective in the human slums, trying to figure out what is sending the humans insane. Currently in production and greenlit on steam.


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Making immersive content accessible on more platforms

360 content makes immersive environments available to traditional mobile platforms like facebook. TSRCT have created 360 promotional content for marketing agencies and as collateral for entertainment experiences.


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Breaking the barrier between the digital and the physical

Augmented Reality allows users to interact with their traditional environment in new ways, and merge the digital into our world. We have created AR experiences for marketing campaigns, and as speculative work.


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Mixed reality is the future of computing, it'll define the way we play, create and share, and TSRCT are at the forefront developing these models. If you want to build the future with us, get in touch.